To Chill or Not to Chill? – A Buyer’s Guide to Refrigerators

To Chill or Not to Chill? – A Buyer’s Guide to Refrigerators

Posted by Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz on 18th Jan 2023

When shopping for your next fridge, it’s important to keep it cool.

For the average kitchen-goer, this is the centerpiece of a grand culinary station. It’s not the range, it’s not the countertop, and it will never be the rusty, ole’ sink. A sleek, modern refrigerator almost always steals the eyes of kitchen newbies – and even the master chefs of renown.

Fridges come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own charm, erm, set of features and functions, sometimes even powered by AI (for the cutting-edge models). And that’s where it goes hard for the typical fridge shopper: what would be the things needed to consider when picking up a new refrigerator? Top-freezer? Bottom-freezer? Double door? Stand-alone? Ugh, we know! The options never end. But keep it cool – choosing your next fridge could be a fun experience if you follow these buying tips. Let’s roll!

Decide what you need

Before you head out to the store or visit King’s Refrigerators page, take note of these basic know-hows about fridges:

  • Top-freezer refrigerators are the most basic type of fridge, and they are also the most affordable ones. These fridges obviously have their freezers on the upper section separated from the main compartment below. They have wide shelves and sturdy food storage. Most adults will have to bend down to reach the non-frozen goods in the fridge section.
  • Bottom-freezers are the exact opposite of the more common top-freezers. Because most kitchen dwellers tend to use the main compartment more than the freezer, manufacturers decide to switch their places, and has become a common choice in many households. These units come in both single and double-door configurations.
  • Side-by-side fridges are ideal if you need easy access to both the freezer and main compartments. They are slightly wider than standard refrigerators, so consider the space where you’ll likely put them in your kitchen. Side-by-sides are the grandest type of refrigerators (with some modifications for the sub-variant built-in fridges), and they go well with larger kitchens.

Choose the extras you want

Think about the extra perks you want to be built into your fridge:

  • Fridges with a water dispenser or ice maker (or both) will require a direct connection to your water outlets. Placement of the refrigerator is of utmost importance if you want this extra perk.
  • Some models have an additional smaller door for accessing drinks or other beverages.
  • In addition to water dispensers or ice makers, some fridges have built-in filtration systems which are handy but often cost a fortune to fix or replace.
  • Some of the newest models in the market are AI-powered, being able to detect what type of food is stored inside the fridge and can be controlled remotely using a smartphone.
  • Keep in mind that these refrigerators with added extras tend to be more costly when it comes to upkeeping and maintenance compared to standard models.

Size matters, at least for fridges

Never judge a fridge from the outside. Always check what’s inside and how it sizes up compared to your previous unit:

  • Top-freezer models often have the least amount of usable storage space, while side-by-sides and double-door units are widely recognized by kitchen connoisseurs to have the most space.
  • Consider what type of produce you’d like to store in a specific type of fridge. Frozen pizzas and full venison meats, for example, aren’t suited for smaller top-freezer units.

Shop at King’s and we’ll help you out

Armed with a fridge-full of cooling knowledge, you’re ready to hit the stores. If you’re still contemplating whether you should purchase at a brick-and-mortar or online, we’re encouraging you to shop at the latter. Here at King’s, you’ll experience the same level of courtesy, customer service, and quality as your favorite outlet store.

Our wide range of refrigerators will keep you scrolling and browsing without having to drive or step out of your home in this freezing weather. We’ll deliver your next fridge right to your doorstep – anytime and anywhere.

Check out our fridge catalog here and you might be in for a deal match. Stay cool and happy shopping!

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